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Leaders of personalised Height Growth Charts. These wall hanging ruler strong fabric or satin card, Height Charts offer outstanding graphics with lots of designs and will make a beautiful addition to any child's bedroom or baby's nursery.

They are used to measure the children's or growing babies' height. As the child grows, you can mark their progress, with a marking pen within the existing ruler markings located on the chart.

When choosing to buy, from our extensive range, you have some options to choose from. First, select the ruler size. We offer four types, two in metric & two in the US feet & inches style. In Australia, feet & inches are hardly used these days, so if the child is learning & growing, use the metric ruler as the preferred option.

If you are buying for a newborn child or baby then we recommend the 50cm - 150cm (2ft - 5ft) Ruler. If the child is 3years or older then we recommend the 80cm - 180cm (3ft - 6ft) Ruler.

Our height Charts are easy to hang. Just use a tape measure and measure from the floor to the start (matching ruler) the height of your growth chart i.e.: 50cm or 80cm start point. Mark the wall with a pencil or stick or place a little piece of masking tape just on that point, then hold the height chart and match the position of the marked position to the start measurement ruler on the height chart.

You can then either stick the height chart to the wall or if you choose a hanger, place a picture hook to the middle of the top string position. Note: no need to be too precise, this is because the child's socks or shoes also vary in thickness, even when marking the chart, it can vary. The main thing is, as the child continues to grow just keep marking the height. Height measurement can be done weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Tip: An easy way to remember height chart marking is to mark on bin day.

You'll be amazed just how fast the child will grow.

We use a high-grade pigmented ink, that will last for many years & will be a keepsake for the child after they have grown up, perhaps for their children to use or compare.

When ordering your Height Chart you can now select an option to add another ruler on the opposite side (extra charge applies), this way you can now measure two children without the need to buy two charts. This option is great for twins, brothers & or sisters or if two children sleep in the same bedroom.

If you are wanting to add a photo, we can also offer our picture blend service. This makes the child look like it is part of the Height Chart, within its theme. Send us a photo via email and don't worry if we don't hear from you, we will contact you, via email & always send proof for your approval before going ahead & printing the chart.

CLICK HERE for further photo information.

We offer Metric or US-style rulers (you can select your ruler type when placing an order):


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